1990 | Year of establishment of company ARKONT GP with founders arch. Stefan Stefanov, arch. Chavdar Tenev, eng. Georgi Zhechev and eng. Todor Kichev. Scope of activity of the design bureau involves complex studies, design and scientific research, consulting and expert reports.

1994 | ARKONT-A Ltd. was created as successor of ARKONT GP with partners arch. Ilko Nikolov, arch. Stefan Stefanov and arch. Chavdar Tenev. The scope of activity includes research, design and consulting.

2004 | Arch. Ilko Nikolov and arch. Stefan Stefanov jointly and separately continue to be representative and management partners

2007 | Year of establishment of ARKONT Ltd – a company of sole proprietorship with Manager arch. Ilko Nikolov Nikolov and scope of activity research, design, consulting and construction management.